Cimarron Valley Real Estate Featured in OKhealth&fitness Magazine June/July 2012 Issue

Cimarron Valley Real Estate was featured in the June/July 2012 Issue of OK Health & Fitness Magazine.  This issue featured Perkins, OK as the “Healthy Destination” town.  Page 37 of the magazine features Cimarron Valley Real Estate and Ashley Stuck, Broker/Owner as “the Right Realtor to Call” for Perkins, OK and Surrounding areas.  The issue also includes information on the town of Perkins, OK as well as some of the local businesses.


Cimarron Valley Real Estate Featured in OK Health & Fitness Magazine June/July 2012 Issue    view the link to the article on page 37

OKhealth&fitness Magazine June/July 2012 Issue   view the complete issue


Sellers- Square Footage Matters

More and more I am encountering sellers that aren’t aware of the “true square footage” of their home. 

  • Only Heated and Cooled Living Space is usually eligible to be counted in a home’s square footage.
  • Garages are Not typically  included in sq-ft- the exception would be if it was heated and cooled space
  • Many people enclose a porch, add a small addition or convert a garage and forget to add that back into the sq-ft of their home.  It is very important to know what your homes true square footage is before placing it on the market for sale.  Just make sure these areas are heated and cooled space.
  • The County Records aren’t always accurate, since they only assess a home every few years they can miss important recent changes that affect a home’s sq-ft.